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Contractors World AFRICA - 2016 Vol 7 No 5

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Increasing mine safety and productivity in China - continued

White Mountain’s General Manager, Warren Uyen said:

White Mountain struggled to maintain optimum productivity due to the continual changing between manual and LOS remoting.
     In addition, LOS always had the potential for one operator to enter the remoting area if procedures weren’t strictly followed.

The portable control unit allows operators to control equipment efficiently and safely. Being trailer mounted it can be repositioned at anytime for greater convenience.

RCT co-created the design of the remote control station which was housed in a converted delivery truck complete with RCT station chair, dual monitors, and a laser protection barrier system.

The portable control unit allows operators to control equipment efficiently and safely. Being trailer mounted it can be repositioned at anytime for greater convenience.

This unique solution allows operators to Teleremote from the comfort of a station with climate control, high tech video equipment and a red light to protect operators’ eyes.

In addition to improving operator’s comfort levels, the portable station allows operators to control the loader from a safe area, within the security of a laser barrier system ensuring no other personnel can enter the remoting area which further increases workers’ safety.

The ControlMaster Teleremote system was not only the first system of its kind to be used in China; it was also a huge success improving productivity as well as safety at White Mountain.

Mr Uyen said:

“White Mountain was the first Chinese mine to embrace the available hardware and technology and integrate it into the primary ore extraction tool.
     By utilising RCT’s system at the site, productivity increased substantially with the site achieving a record of nearly 6,300 buckets in one month, which is equivalent to more than 60,000 tonnes of ore.
    The perceived benefits in productivity were estimated between 25-30 per cent, meaning the system would pay for itself in less than six months.
     However, actual data shows productivity gains of more than 35 per cent.

Loader operator safety also increased significantly as miners now conduct bogging operations from within a custom-built cabin located about 500 metres from the potentially hazardous stope area.
Fitting the loader with semi automation, further improved the production. At Eldorado’s White Mountain mine in China, the tele-remote loading system is allowing operators to control loaders from hundreds of metres away, well away from potential hazards.

Our team took the initiative to build this system. It was their idea and their work that made this system successful. “It’s the first of its kind in China.

says Warren Uyen, General Manager at White Mountain.

The loader is fitted with a semi-automation system that allows it to operate at speeds of up to 10 kilometres per hour with no steering from the operator.

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